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So what would your company look like if you built it today?

Faced with disruptive technologies, new consumer expectations, and the advent of digital-first super-companies, your business will be left behind unless you act now.
Digital Darwinism is your wake-up call that incremental change is not enough: adding technology at the edges and wrapping it in “innovation” just won’t work.
We live in a world where thin interface companies like Uber, Airbnb, Alibaba, Amazon, Spotify, and Facebook have achieved unprecedented growth by exploiting gaps in the market left by
large legacy corporations.

Companies like Netflix and Dyson reinvented themselves by tapping into the power of self-disruption and setting out on bold new paths. Upstarts like Tesla and Tencent have challenged
conventional thinking in ways that go beyond existing theories of digital transformation.
They are doing what has never been possible before, but is it despite—or because of—their lack of experience?
In this provocative book, Tom Goodwin explores change in the larger context of society, and how, throughout history, each time a new technology emerged, its power was entirely

Goodwin proves that every assumption the business world made about “digital” has been wrong, maps out specific strategies to drive real transformation right now, and outlines ideas
and solutions for ambitious companies who want to prepare for the future and unleash what’s next.
In short, Digital Darwinism is a deep dive into what business leaders can do to thrive in the modern age. It lights a fire under complacency and offers a challenging new perspective on
not only how to think about change—but how to actually do something about it.


Tom Goodwin is the Executive Vice President and Global Head of Futures and Insight at Publicis Groupe

Twice voted the #1 "Voice in Marketing" on LinkedIn with over 700,000 followers, Tom has been named one of 30
people to follow on Twitter by Business Insider, and a "must follow" by Fast Company.

An industry provocateur, keynote speaker, and commentator on the future of advertising, marketing and business,
Goodwin has been quoted in the Economist and The New York Times.

He is a frequent contributor to the Guardian, TechCrunch, Forbes, Wired, British GQ, Advertising Age, Adweek,
MediaPost, Inc, Digiday, and the World Economic Forum.

For his personal website and for speaking enquiry information click here.


‘A fascinating dip into adisruptive future.’
Dylan Jones, Editor, GQ

‘This finally answered many questions about innovation which have long haunted me – not least why most large companies are
typically so bad at it. It’s one of those rare books that is worth reading twice.’
Rory Sutherland, Vice Chairman, Ogilvy & Mather Group, and TED speaker

‘In Digital Darwinism, Goodwin presents a thoughtful canvas of digital wisdom, covering the past, present and future with smart
illustrative examples.It’s a great map of the entire digital landscape, sprinkled with invaluable insights to act upon.’
Stefan Olander, former Vice President, Global Digital Innovation, Nike

‘The future does not fit in the containers or mindsets of the past. This book persuades,provokes and points to ways to rethink
your business. Society, business and life are being disrupted by a revolutionary stage of evolution: Digital Darwinism. This book
provides ways to thrive in the new environment.’
Rishad Tobaccowala, transformation expert, speaker and writer, & Chief Growth Officer, Publicis Groupe

‘Tom Goodwin sees organizations facing a Darwinian battle for survival, given the pace of technical change. That’s familiar
ground. What’s so refreshing is his notion that empathy will becrucial in that battle – that businesses that put people first are
most likely to stay the right side of the chaos.’
Mark Jones, Commissioning Editor, the World Economic Forum

‘In a cacophony of voices calling for an immediate digital revolution, how reassuring to hear one advocating a more nuanced
and balanced path forward for your business. How refreshing to have an authorparting the weeds of digital transformation,
offering homespun, achievable suggestions and solutions for your company. Digital Darwinism reassures you that futurizing
your company doesn’t mean you needto be the next Uber or Amazon of anything. Among the multiple platinum nuggets in this
book,the most valuable takeaway is that change must be at the core of your business,not at the edges. Digitally transform your
business? First change the way you think about change.’
Adam Najberg, Head of Digital Media, Alibaba; formerlyDigital Editor, The Wall Street JournalAsia

If you ever wondered if and how you and your organization could survive and grow in today’s disruptive environment this is the
book for you. This beautifully written book offers an informativeand insightful description of the age of disruption, the need for a
paradigm shift in our thinking and practical guidelines for survival and growth. Enjoy,learn and apply.’
Jerry Wind, The Lauder Professor Emeritus of Marketing, The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania

‘Tom Goodwin shows how Darwinian successdepends not on ruthlessness but on learning how to play well with others.’
Douglas Rushkoff, author, Throwing Rocks at the Google Bus

‘Today thewords “disruption” and “innovation” are plastered everywhere. We’ve become numb to them, lost in a sea of
information. The future is here yetit is understood unequally. With Digital Darwinism, Tom Goodwin uses hisunique combination
of passion, empathy and audacity to give us all an equalunderstanding of the future as it bowls over us.’
John Winsor, Founder and CEO, Open Assembly

‘Goodwin is the right kind of futurist: he’s a history geek at heart,and recognizes that innovation doesn’t happen in a vacuum.
Context is king, and there’s plenty of that in this intelligently constructed book.’
Paul Kemp-Robertson, Co-founder,Contagious

‘Goodwin delivers what he promises in his preface: the book is wildly irritating andinspiring at the same time. It is a passionate
cry for more common sense incorporate decision making. The examples he provides demonstrate how little companies have
embraced the digital age. Goodwin rightly questions the attemptsfrom corporations to overcome disruption and ambiguity in
the digital ageeither by “better planning” or by minor adjustments to business models and strategies that were developed in a
bygone era of stability, linearity andpredictability.
He reminds us that a flexible response is the only answer tomassively changing corporate environments and that
entrepreneurship means maximizing opportunities and overcoming obstacles instead of minimizing risks.An overdue book.’
Uwe Ellinghaus, former Global Chief MarketingOfficer, Cadillac


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